SGT James W. Lumsden

SGT James W. Lumsden

War: Vietnam War
Branch: United States Army
Unit: Airborne Division, Headquarters Company 3rd Brigade
Service Location: Vietnam
Rank: Sergeant
Wartime Service Dates: February 1969 to December 1970
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SGT Lumsden was a University of Michigan graduate attending graduate school when drafted pre-lottery. He was assigned to a security and reconnaissance platoon in Vietnam before being assigned to handle the unit's repair parts supply operations. SGT Lumsden was responsible for acquisition of critical parts and maintaining operational effectiveness, including keeping the base camp's Military Affiliated Radio Station operational so that troops could call home via HAM radio connections. He points out that as the US military adopts greater technical advances, wartime casualties and risks of injury drop significantly. He encourages youth to seek out military service. SGT Lumsden was awarded the Bronze Star, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the Vietnam Service Ribbon.

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Video Interview

VHP James W Lumsden from Veterans Tribute on Vimeo.