Illinois Son Preserves Veteran Memories

Featured in Article “Illinois Son Preserves Veteran Memories” National Update Newsletter; Official Publication of Sons of American Legion; Winter 2014, pp. 3 & 7; Article. -

The article provides an overview of first person interviews with military war veterans for the Veterans History Project, National History Club newsletter and various newspaper articles.

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First Person Story of CPL Alvin Fehlman

Alvin-I-FehlmanGier, E. 2013, “First Person Story of CPL Alvin Fehlman”, National History Club Newsletter, Fall 2013, Issue XXV11, pp. 1-2.  Article. -

This feature articleFirst Person Story of CPL Alvin Fehlman”, was circulated to 20,000 high school National History Club students, advisors and other history educators.  CPL Fehlman is an American hero who served in WWII and was held as a POW in five prison camps.  His service inspired me to write his story. Link:
Robert L. Nasson, Executive Director, National History Club


Memorial Day 2013

This past weekend I had the privledge to take part in a flag ceremony at Lake Julian in Cary Il. This wonderful ceremony was led by Randy Garnath and the McHenry County Honor Flight Hub in honor of those who died serving in both the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. Every veteran that perished was given a flag with a name attached in recognition of their sacrifice. Along with many volunteers the Honor Flight group guarded the flags nonstop for 48 hours all through the Holiday. 

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Veterans History Project Posted at the Library of Congress

To view Eric Gier's Veterans History Project which has been posted at the Library of Congress, view this link:

In the News

Oddo, J. 2013, "Eric Gier: Advocating for Our Vets", McHenry County Living, 6 Aug., Article. - Link to article "Eric Gier: Advocating for Our Vets"

Gier, E. 2012, "Real Life Heroes", The Northwest Herald, 24 Oct., Letter to the Editor. - Link to pdf of article "Real Life Heroes"

Gier, E. 2012, "Honor Service by Supporting Vets", The Daily Herald, 11 Nov., Letter to the Editor. - Link to pdf of article "Honor Service by Supporting Vets"

DeVore, S. 2012, "Teenager considering armed services interviews veterans", Planit Northwest, 9 Nov. - Link to pdf of article "Teenager considering armed services interviews veterans"