I want to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this website. They have been an inspiration to me and a source of encouragement.

american-legionWauconda American Legion - Post 911

Past Commander: Bill Geary
Commander: Donald Verciglio
Sr. Vice Commander: Donald Kutinac


    • Alvin Fehlman
    • John DeHesus
    • Travis Bonvillan
    • Joseph Cook 
    • Michael Geary


Lake Zurich American Legion - Post 96464PINCLR

Commander: John M. Barrington
Sr. Vice Commander: Tony Roberti


    • Anthony Roberti
    • James Lumsden
    • George Criel
    • Dennis Gackowski
    • John Badamo
    • Rick Gier


Cary Amvetsamvets

    • Gary Foster


Veterans Network Committee (Honor Flight)Veterans-network-committee

    • Randy Granath
    • Pattie Granath
    • Barbara Kelly


Other Support

    • Karen Phelps - Technical Support
    • Bridget Harvey – Content Editing Support