Veterans Network Committee


Veterans Network Committee of Northern Illinois (Honor Flight) -

Veterans Network Committee VNC of N. Illinois is a charitable operation that provides
programs, services and events to veterans. Programs offered include:


Honor Flight:
The Veterans Network Committee is most noted for the tremendous work they do in
support of Honor Flight, which is a program to send WWII veterans to Washington DC to
see their monument. Due to the aging population of these veterans, there is an increased
urgency to support this mission.

Flag Program:
This program’s mission is to install a flag pole with a flag at a veterans house at no cost
to the veteran.

Support & Assistance Program:
The committee raises funds to help with immediate needs of veterans such as bills, food,
or other needs in their community.

Forum 2012:
Forum 2012 is an informational gathering at the McHenry County College for veteran
outreach and assistance. It provides veterans with resources on jobs, schooling,
community services and answers questions on Veteran Administrative services.

Gulf Veteran Cook-Off:
The cook-off is sponsored in support of Gulf War veterans, as well as all veterans two
times a year, May – September.

Operation Support Our Troops:
Donations are collected from the local areas to send care packages to our troops in the
Gulf. Veterans receive 2 to 4 boxes a year. Any family members in the area can contact
the NVC to be on the mailing list for their loved one to receive packages.

School Programs:
The School Program is designed to help high school students see opportunities for getting
involved with veterans. Currently, NVC is working with four schools in McHenry

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